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‚ÄčIPCTherapyJobs.com is the dedicated division of IPC that conducts searches exclusivly in the specialty of Rehabilitative Services. The need for Rehabilitative Services is critical and growing faster than most other allied health specialties.  

We currently have over 100 opportunities within multiple markets across the country.  

 The opportunities for which clients engage us require the candidate to have completed their specialty education; as well as state and federal certification and licensure as applicable.  Some clients will interview professionals who have recently completed these requirements, even if they are not an experienced Therapist. Our current openings include multiple positions for each of the following:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Rehab Directors (DOR)
  • Center Directors
  • Speech-Language Pathologists

TIP:  Several of our clients are located in large metropolitan markets.  However, many of their suburban and rural markets are underserved healthcare landscapes in the field of Rehabilitative Therapies.  If you are able to relocate to a particular region, please let us know the markets in which you will consider.  Relocation is not an option for many professionals, but interview activity for those who able to work in these underserved markets usually secure positions quickly.  


Please email or call Christy@IPCTherapyJobs.com or call 512-712-4545 if you are interested in discussing our many opportunities.  It will be our sincere pleasure to have an introductory conversation with you!

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