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Established 1996


We are an extension of our Client's Recruitment Team.  

Our services and search processes are strategic and proven, yet we keep them simple.

Client Services

  • ​​Retained, Project Based, and Virtual or In-House hourly recruitment platforms that manage searches or fill in gaps of challenging searches.
  • Three (3) client-driven and unique search models that afford flexibility, value, guarantee and room for change inside of unanticipated circumstances. 

  • Team and individual recruitment, training and organizational alignment toward internal HR/Recruitment collaboration and success. 

  • IPC is willing to negotiate set placement fees up-front for client budgeting and in order to avoid unexpected search process fees. 

  • We offer payment options to our clients if beneficial to budgetary and fiscal year goals.   ​ ​

Legal Disclosure

It is the diligent and ethical practice of IPC that, prior to submission of confidential candidate information to Client, IPC obtains explicit verbal or written authorization from our candidates. Our clients contractually agree that the use of confidential, sensitive, or personal information pertaining to a candidate or potential candidate shall be used only for consideration of employment by Client and not shared outside of Client organization or its affiliate.  IIPC does not  discriminate in recruiting or referring candidates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, or disability.


Candidate Services

  • Private career and job consultation: Leading to a strategic opportunity and contact identification, and a methodical job search.

  • Resume drafting and/or editing. 
  • Re-evaluation of current job search methods.
  • Recommendations toward redirecting your job search efforts.
  • Organizational research and interview preparation.
  • Salary specialty review and negotiation.  

Message from Our Founder: 

"For 20 years, it has been my pleasure to recruit within the specialty of Healthcare. I consistently reach for recruitment excellence and have based and grown IPC on the foundation of sincere and strong client and candidate relationships.  We constantly reach for innovative recruiting strategies toward solutions for our client hiring needs.  We remain agile as the corporate role of HR and internal Recruitment continue to evolve.
I am driven by the premise of working toward the best for all involved in every search we conduct."    

Christy Curtis, Corporate Vice President

IPC Executive Search 

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